Our Company Snapshots

Green Initiatives and Alternative Packaging

Packaging Specialists Inc. SW continues a long tradition of caring about the environment while offering cost effective packaging solutions that are recyclable. We continue the process of trimming our Polyurethane scrap off of our die presses and routers in preparation for bundling and shipping to the carpet pad manufacturer for processing. Once received, the scrap is ground down and bonded into a unified block. The block is then cut into sheets or rolls and sold as the "foot friendly" aspect of laying down new carpet. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of material have avoided the landfill through this program with our polyurethane supplier.

In 2010, PSI obtained a Heavy Duty Foam Densinator for grinding Polyethylene scrap left behind by our die presses and routers. Densinator The scrap heads up a conveyor and into a chamber where it is ground down and heated up. The chamber forms an outer skin and the results are 40" x 6" x 6" logs ready for deployment to recyclers around the country. These logs will get ground down farther into pellets where they will be molded into a vast array of products including bags, bottles, furniture, pinestraw and composite decking. PSI has saved over 400,000 lbs. of Polyethylene scrap a year from ending up in our landfills.

Click here to see a photo gallery of the densinator process.

Polyethylene Logs PSI Design teams continue to look into the future for cost effective materials that perform well and are safe for our environment. Many of our customers are asking us to design them out of "foam in place" materials that are not recyclable. Our teams accept the challenge using recyclable foams meeting all ROHS directives that contain no CFC’s HCFC’s HFC’s or BPH. We continue to look forward to challenging projects from "Clean Room" compliant to European acceptance. Our designers and engineers continue to research innovative ways to create environmental packaging solutions for our customers. We research materials such as Soy foam, Canola foam, Bamboo and Pulp in hopes of locating new ways to manipulate packaging in a cost effective, environmentally safe way. 2013 is an exciting time to be in the Industrial Packaging business. We look forward to what Research and Development can bring us as we strive for competitive excellence while searching for the next great "Green" packaging idea.